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Virtual Cash
Every time you purchase a product on our website you receive a credit called “Virtual Cash” which can be used to pay less in your future purchases. The Virtual Cash is the equivalent of the 10% of the product price so if you purchase a library worth 20€ you get 2€. This credit is collected in your account and if you want to use it, you just have to login, select your favourite product and type the desired amount in the field provided in your cart.
Bundle Discounts
Our Bundle discounts are very different from classic ones, because they are fully respectful to customers. For example, there are 3 libraries (X - Y - Z) worth 20€ each and you purchase the library X. After some time we create the bundle XYZ worth 50€. If you purchase this bundle, you will pay 30€ only because you already own one of the included libraries. This is respect. With Cluster Sound you will never think “Damn, I should have to wait for this discount!”
Coupon Codes
Sometime we will send our customers a discount code which will allow to get a discount for all our single libraries. The Coupon Codes will never be dedicated to specific products. Simply type the Coupon Code in the field provided in your cart and you will get a discount for your favourite product.
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