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  • AIFF Samples
  • Live Clips
  • Live FX Racks
  • Live Instruments
  • Live Synths
  • 135 Live Presets
  • 120 Sampler devices
  • 32 Live Clips
  • 7 Audio Effect Racks
  • 27 Multi-sample recordings
  • Perfect loop-points (no crossfading)
  • Sample length : 9 to 18 seconds
  • Host : Ableton Live 9.5 (Standard - Suite)
29.00 €
Product Overview
Pathos is a multi-sample Live Pack designed for organic pads, rich strings and warm synth keys and based on the legendary Korg PS-3200, the wonderful semi-modular polyphonic synthesizer from the late '70s.

THE MYTH  The Korg PS-3200 is one of the biggest, rarest and amazing sounding synthesizers ever made. Released in 1978, just few hundreds of units were manufactured during the following four years. It has been used by artists like Hans Zimmer, J.M. Jarre, Emmerson Lake & Palmer, John Miles, Rick Wakeman, Tangerine Dream and by other legendary artists and synthesizer pioneers.

THE SOURCE  Thanks to its truly polyphonic architecture, the Korg PS-3200 sounds like no other synthesizer. It's a ‘two oscillator per key' synthesizer and it means that 48 keys can be played simultaneously and independently of each other. Each of the 96 octave-divided VCOs, 48 (Korg-35) VCFs, 48 VCAs and 48 envelopes makes its own contribution to the character of the sound. The result is a very musical, rich, warm, deep and magic sound which has been rightly described as an orchestra of synthesizers.

THE SOUND  Pathos is based on 27 multi-sample recordings, each of which consists of 18 notes with a length between 9 and 18 seconds, and all the samples have long and perfect loop points. This design criteria has allowed to capture all the nuances and the organic variations of the machine and at the same time to reduce to the minimum any kind of key transposition or sample crossfading artifact. Pathos delivers 135 Live Presets, 120 Sampler Devices, 32 Clips and 7 Audio Effects Racks, including a great sounding simulation of the Korg PS-3200 Ensemble FX.

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