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  • pler
  • Live Instruments
  • Live Synths
  • Size : 1,5 Gigabytes
  • 5900+ Samples (24 Bits / 44.1 Khz)
  • 112 Multi-Sample Recordings
  • 112 Synth Devices
  • Perfectly Looped Samples
  • Host : Ableton Live 9.5 (Standard / Suite)
29.00 €
Product Overview
Model-D is a powerful multi-sample Live Pack based on the legendary Minimoog Model-D. The very first portable synth, the best sounding and the most popular synth of all time.

THE MYTH   Originally released by R.A. Moog in 1970, the Minimoog Model-D has been the very first portable synth. Before then, there were only modular synthesizers made to order, large and expensive machines not ideal for live performance. The Minimoog was designed to include the essential parts of a Moog modular system into a compact performance synth, primarily designed for studio musicians. But thanks to its distinctive sound it quickly became very popular, the most popular synth of all time.

THE SOUND   The Minimoog Model-D has been used to generate some of the warmest and best sounding analog synth bass, lead and whistle sounds ever. Words like “fat”, “warm” and “analog” find their best expression in this marvelous machine. Its three oscillators have an incredible bottom-end and when combined with the still unsurpassed transistor ladder filter, they produce powerful sounds that literally dominate a mix.

THE PACK   Model-D is a lush bass & lead Live Pack based on 112 multi-samples capturing all the power and the sound potential of this legendary synthesizer. A massive collection of ultra-deep basses, sharp and abrasive leads, detuned oscillators, filtered sweeps, percussive sounds and much more. Model-D is the most complete multi-sample pack dedicated to the Minimoog Model-D. 
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