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Abrasive Lows
  • Live Clips
  • WAV Loops
  • 111 WAV Loops
  • 111 Ableton Live Clips
  • Wav 24bits/44.1 Khz
  • Host : Compatible with all audio softwares
9.00 €
Product Overview

Abrasive Lows is a loop collection designed for techno productions and live sets.

The pack includes :

25 Torsion Lows : slightly distorted low beats merged with noises and hi-frequency impulses
20 Shaggy Lows : punchy industrial-inspired low beats built around cadenced structures
30 Scraped Lows : rough and crackling low beats built around fractured structures
36 Glitch Lows : sustained rugged low beats mixed with short glitchy and resonant spikes

All the loops included in Abrasive Lows have been meticulously edited, processed and mastered with state-of-the-art analog and digital studio gears, for the best possible quality.

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