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Wave Bass-A
  • Live Clips
  • Live Instruments
  • Live Ready Pack
  • Live Synths
  • WAV
  • 100 Live Instruments
  • 100 Live Clips
  • 128 Wavetables (2048 sample size)
  • 4 Macro Templates
  • Stereo Dynamo FX Module
  • Multidrive Filter Module
  • Host : Live 8.2 or higher | Optimized for Live 9
24.00 €
Product Overview

Wave Bass-A is a massive collection of 100 bass synthesizers and 100 Live Clips based on 128 pristine analog wavetables. Thanks to the multi-selectable oscillators and to the masterly use of all Live sampling features, Wave Bass-A generates amazing simulations of vintage bass synths characterized by incredible low-end and definition. 

Sound Engine : Wave Bass-A doesn’t make use of pre-recorded samples. Each sound is generated by a small 18 Kbyte file, a genuine analog wavetable (single cycle waveform) with a table size of 2048 samples. These atoms of sound, thanks to the amazing interpolation quality of Live and to the skilful use all the Sampler/Simpler features, allow to reproduce the warmth and the nuance of old analog synthesizers.

Wave Selector : This feature allows to select the wavetable oscillator on-the-fly simply by moving the “Wave Selector” knob. This knob scans through the 128 wavetables included in each Instrument and allows to radically change the sounds without dragging new patches nor loosing the patch settings. Most of the included Instruments implement two selectable oscillators, making it possible to radically increase the possible sound combinations. The built-in wavetables been extracted from 7 glorious vintage synthesizers :

001-018 Oscar Synthesizer
019-035 Moog Sonic Six
036-058 Moog Minimoog
059-078 Korg MS20
079-094 Korg DW8000 (Dco-Vcf)
095-109 Yamaha CS-80
110-128 Oberheim Matrix 1000

Content : The 100 Bass Instruments are organized into 4 categories (Double – Octave – Pitcher - Splitter) characterized by specific Macro Controls designed for dynamic tweaking while performing. All the instruments implement a parallel Sub-harmonic channel and share a special “Stereo Dynamo” FX Module that allows to increase the warmth and the spatial image of the sounds.

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