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Vintage Techno DAT
  • IR Wav Samples
  • Kontakt Convolution
  • Kontakt Drums
  • Live Instruments
  • REX2
  • WAV
  • 1.2 Gigabytes
  • 400 WAV Loops & Sequences
  • 388 REX Loops
  • 485 WAV Samples
  • 7 Kontakt Drum Kits
  • 7 Ableton Drum Kits
  • 106 IR Samples
  • 106 Kontakt Convolution Presets
24.00 €
Product Overview

Vintage Techno DAT is a huge loop collection extracted from personal DAT tape recordings dated 1996 and created by a young Antonio Dilillo, the man behind Cluster Sound. The library consists of 1.2 Gigabytes of remastered basslines, synth loops, percussions, noises, effected kicks, HHats, snares and everithing you need to add a retro look to your techno tracks. 

Background : the 1996 was a very exciting year. Techno music passed beyond the "old school" era and producers diffusely started creating complex sounds, emotional athmospheres and rich structures. In that period the modern meaning of computer music was at its early stage and everyone tried to do his best with the few instruments at his disposal. The result took the form of hundreds of innovative labels (Primate, Soma, Nova Mute, Evolution, Plus8, just to mention few) that laid the fundations of modern techno music.

The source : The original loops and sequences had been created with several hardware synthesizers, drum machines and by sampling vinyls and radio signals. All the loops were initially sampled, edited and processed with a glorious Creamware TripleBOARD, the first "Hard Disk Recording" system for PC, and then recorded on a Tascam DA-20 (basically used as storage medium because of the small hard disc capacity).

Room Simulator : Vintage Techno DAT includes also Room Simulator, a convolution library that reproduces the sound of the homonymous DSP reverb implemented in TripleBOARD. The IR samples have been obtained by convolving custom made presets of the Room Simulator used in "warp" mode, a feature that allows to process external the signals in real-time. The resulting 106 IR samples can be easily imported in every convolution reverb and will give your music the distinctive mood of mid '90.

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