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Drum Cluster Maschine
  • Maschine Drumkits
  • Maschine Patterns
  • Maschine Special Kits
  • Wav Samples
  • Size : 1.2 Gigabytes
  • 6000 Drum & One Shot Samples
  • 100 Drum Kits
  • 374 Special Kits
  • 800 Modular Patterns
  • Native 24bit/96Khz
  • Intuitive sample tagging
  • Host : Maschine 1.8x
79.00 €
Product Overview
Drum Cluster is a massive collection of sculptured drums, construction patterns and drum kits for Maschine, an instant groove toolbox designed for every form of electronically generated music.
MONOLITHIC This is the right word. Drum Cluster contains everything a producer needs to create stunning, solid, pristine sound quality music. This cutting-edge package brings tons of rugged kicks, sturdy snares, sparkly hats, deep lofills, esoteric vocoder FX, bubble glitches, edgy shatters, noises, one shot synths, basses, and the list could go on and on. Part of the 6000 samples have been organized into 374 category kits and 100 drum kits. Load a couple of them and start randomly dragging our modular patterns into your Maschine. You will be a millionaire.
MILLIONS Drum Cluster delivers a massive set of construction patterns, 850 sequences designed to provide surpassing customization and immediate results. Just think about this: by layering the modular patterns you can choose among 170 Millions of combinations. The patterns have been built by keeping in mind the same sample mappings used for the Maschine official stuff, so they can also be used for giving additional life to your existing drum kits.
MULTI-FACED With this project we wanted to create a colossal, multi-style oriented, inspiring, unconventional sounding tool by taking the best from both genuine analog and proudly digital sources. We have stressed modular synthesizers, hacked drum machines, coded custom softwares, sampled radio signals and shaped noises by using state-of-art studio gears and refined sound design techniques. The result is a brilliant array of high definition drums that achieve maximum impact at the highest possible quality.
7.90 € Virtual Cash
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