CZ Drums

CZ Drums

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CZ Drums is a multi-sample drum pack based on the vintage Casio CZ-3000, the phase distortion synth from the mid '80s. A different collection of synthesized tuned drums for modern electronic productions.

The CZ-3000 is a phase distortion synthesizers produced by Casio in the mid ’80s. The Phase Distortion is basically a special case of the more complex FM synthesis used by Yamaha in their ‘FM’ synths. But this technique (used to avoid a patent infringement) implemented also a more complex waveshape of the modulator and other improvements that confer to the CZ-3000 a weird analogue feel but still in line with the classic ’80s sound. A very unique synth suitable for an extremely wide range of music styles.

The Cosmo Synthesizer

The CZ-3000 was nicknamed “Cosmo Synthesizer” because of its evolving “space pads” but it’s actually a powerful and flexible synth with unique and extremely wider sonic possibilities. Thanks to its stunning 8-stage envelopes, the two Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) oscillators with 8 waveforms and the amazing DCW (Digitally Controlled Wave) pseudo low-pass filter, this retro-digital beast can easily generate filthy electric guitars, rich brasses, fat analog-like basses, gorgeous organs, electronic percs, synth stabs and much more.

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