HR-16B is a free drum pack based on the vintage Alesis HR-16B, the “high sample rate” drum machine designed for techno, punk and electronic music and still used today by artists like Authecre, Orbital and Sub Dub.

Released in the late ’80s by Alesis, the HR-16 was a 16-bit drum machine conceived to offer to the masses the same quality of premium machines like the TR-909 or LM-1. And in fact, in a world caracterized by small sets of 8-bit drum samples, the “high sample rate” HR-16 quickly called the attention of everyday musicians. Shortly after its launch, Alesis released the HR-16B model, sharing the same technology of its predecessor but with completely renowed sounds designed for techno, punk and electronic music. Nowadays the HR-16B sounds are used by Orbital, The Grid, Autechre, Sub Dub and the Stereo MC’s.

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