KB-800 is a synth/drum/fx collection based on the vintage JVC KB-800, a sophisticated polyphonic preset-based synthesizer with PCM drums and auto-accompaniment, designed for Synth Pop, Italo Disco and Electro.

Released in the early 80’s, the JVC KB-800 is an interesting mix of analog and digital circuitry. Based on a custom JVC tone generator chip, the KB-800 implements 24 synth presets created by mixing different waveforms (Sine, Saw, Pulse and Noise) shaped with several analog filter and envelope settings. The KB-800 features also 16 exquistely lo-fi PCM drums, a 512 stage BBD Chorus and a “Digital Effector” (including Delay – Echo – Flanger with “Long/Short” switch) that can be used to process external sources.

The Stereo Keyboard

The original presets are superbly designed and, also thanks to the BBD chorus, they sound warmer than other arranger keys from the 80’s. Our KB-800 Pack features 24 synth devices including a mono/stereo macro control with volume compensation for the stereo multi-samples and 16 drums accurately remastered to fit the modern standards but still maintaining the lovely lo-fi feel and the dynamic range of the original sounds. In addition to the synth & drum devices, the Pack includes also 4 Convolution Pro devices emulating the Delay and Echo combined with the Long & Short settings.

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