R-50e is a free drum pack based on the vintage Kawai R-50e, the rare and obscure 12-bits machine that defined the sound of 90's EBM, Synth-Punk, Darkwave and industrial music.

Released in the late ’80s by Kawai, the R-50e is a rare drum machine widely used in old-school EBM, Synth-Punk, Darkwave and industrial music productions. The R-50e soundset is based on the optional sounds chip made for the Kawai R-100 and features 24 PCM sounds sampled at 12bit/32Khz : a dark collection of gated-reverb snares, impactful toms, gritty hihats & cymbals, punchy bass drums and also two bass sounds and two orchestral hits. Our R-50e Pack delivers remastered samples fitting the modern standards but still maintaining the superb lo-fi feel and the dynamic range of the original sounds.

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