SH-101 SFX

SH-101 SFX



SH-101 SFX is a FREE synth & sfx Pack for Ableton Live based on the vintage Roland SH-101, the iconic monophonic synth released in the early ’80s. A stunning collection of razor-sharp synth shots and pseudo-drums.

SH-101 SFX is an experimental synth Pack based on the original SH-101 and featuring 72 razor-sharp synth shots, pseudo-drums, analog sweeps & glitches and exotic noise effects. The SH-101 sounds wild, fat and acid but with a distinctive lush roundness that truly brings a huge amount of warmth to the mix. A genuine acid/techno-oriented synth collection specifically crafted for Ableton Live. Remarkable SH-101 users include Chemical Brothers, Matador, FSOL, Aphex Twin, 808 State, The Prodigy, Boards of Canada, Minilogue and many more.

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