Unreal Percs

Unreal Percs

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Unreal Percs is a curated loop collection featuring 25 Corridor Percs, 30 Grained Percs, 30 Synthax Percs, 20 Shakery Percs. 105 abstract percussion loops designed for electronic music productions. 100% Royalty Free.

Unreal Percs includes :


25 Corridor Percs : hybrid perc loops processed with micro reverbs and echo delays
30 Grained Percs : groovy pseudo perc loops assembled with synths, drums and noises
30 Synthax Percs : analog chords, zaps and synths morphed with metallic percs and tops
20 Shakery Percs : saturated mid-low perc loops mixed with synth slices and glitches

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