Bit One

Bit One

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Bit One is a very versatile multisample Live Pack based on the vintage Crumar Bit One, a compact black tank from the mid ‘80s mainly used for Italo Disco and electro music productions.

Designed by Mario Maggi (the creator of the Elka Synthex) and released by Crumar during the mid 80’s, the Bit One is a very versatile six voices synth with tons of character. Originally conceived to compete against the Polysix and Juno 106, this compact black tank went further by implementing a dual-osc voice structure, more similar to that of the OB-8 and Prophet 5. The 2 DCOs, 6 CEM filters, 6 VCAs, 2 LFOs each per voice and a powerful duophonic Unison effect make the Bit One a very fat and flexible hybrid synthesizer.

Italo Disco Synthesizer

The Bit One has its own very distinctive, solid and bright sound. Exceptionally bright compared to most analog instruments. This total black beauty can easily generate DX-style electric pianos and harps, woody and dissonant percussive sounds, brilliant string ensembles, punchy basses and brasses, ripping and funky leads, spacey keys and organs and a wide array of classic synth sounds. Mainly used for Italo Disco and electronic productions, the Bit One is for sure one of the most valuable semi-unknown synth of the ‘80s.

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