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CS-30 is a totally techno oriented loop & instrument Live Pack based on the rare CS-30, a monster of a synth, the flagship model of Yamaha's vintage line-up of mono synthesizers.

Released by Yamaha in 1977, the CS-30 is a massive analog synth with a highly-tweakable, knob-filled interface. Designed for experimental synthesis, it’s a hugely flexible sound-tank with complex routing facilities, capable of generating sounds otherwise only achievable with big modular synths using wires. A very inspiring instrument for serious electronic music, used by artists like Carl Cox, 808 State, Mathew Jonson, and Depeche Mode.

The black techno tank

The Yamaha CS-30 is a fully analog synthesizer featuring 2 oscillators with PWM and Ring Modulation capabilities, 2 multimode resonant filters, 3 assignable envelopes, one LFO and a stunning analog 8-steps sequencer. The two filters, combinable in serial or parallel, can be swept using separate envelopes and modulated by the LFO and the step sequencer. The three envelopes can be also assigned to the LFO and the step sequencer for very unusual, radical modulations.

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