JD Basses

JD Basses

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JD Basses is a multi-sample bass collection created with the glorious JD-800, the monumental digital synth released by Roland in the 1991. Digital, glorious, powerful. The true sound of ninetees.

Widely considered one of the best vintage digital synthesizers, the Roland JD-800 is an extremely flexible and powerful sound tank from the early ’90s. Its architecture consists of 4 individual sound layers featuring all the parameters available on the machine. A single patch can include (among other things) 4 oscillators, 8 LFOs, 12 envelopes and 4 multimode filters. The JD-800 has been used by 808 State, Ken Ishii, Mouse on Mars, Laurent Garnier, Underworld and many other popular artists.

Digital, glorious, powerful.

The JD-800 just sounds like it looks: big, impressive and complex. Covered in sliders and buttons, this majestic machine is actually an endless source of inspiration and can generate an extremely wide variety of sounds. Thanks to its PCM quality waveforms, the astonishing amount of parameters and the great sounding and characterful Time Variant Filter, the JD-800 can easily range from spectacular digital pads to very realistic analog bass & synth emulations. The JD-800 is the digital synthesis at its best and definitely an all time classic.