Juno 60

Juno 60

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Juno 60 is a massive multi-sample collection based on the legendary Juno 60 analog synthesizer manufactured by Roland during the early 80s and widely considered one of the punchiest synthesizer ever made.

After the release of the majestic polyphonic synthesizers Jupiter 8 & 6, Roland decided to introduce a new series of more affordable alternatives to the Korg Polysix, very popular in those years. So the Roland team developed the Juno 60, a great sounding stripped down version of the Jupiters inheriting much of their technology. The Juno 60 quickly gained adoption by artists like Madonna, Enya and Duran Duran, and notably became a favorite among early house music producers in Chicago, contributing their distinctive sound.

Warm, solid, punchy

Many technical aspects played pivotal roles in both the success and distinctive character of the Juno 60 but undoubtely its most important features are the IR3109 filter chip with its impressive warmth and brilliant resonance, its gorgeous BBD stereo chorus that instantly adds fullness, richness and character to the sounds and the Roland IR3R01 envelopes. The remarkably fast envelopes set it apart from the Juno 106 and enable the creation of snappy basslines, analog brass sounds and organs that define this superb machine.

The Juno 60 is a legendary classic from the 80s and its iconic sound is perfectly replicated in this sound pack, featuring: 24 Basses, 36 Brass, Organ, Pianos and Mallets, along with 32 Pad and Strings, and 32 Leads and Synth keys.