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MS-20 is a massive multi-sample bass+lead+drum collection based on the vintage Korg MS-20 MKII, the wild and dirty semi-modular analog synthesizer released in 1978.

Released in the late ’70s by Korg, the MS-20 is one of the most popular, unique, and legendary monophonic synths ever produced. Thanks to its semi-modular design that allows to significantly alter the signal flow, to the two self-resonating HP/LP filters, two VCAs, sample and hold, and a noise generato, the MS-20 (not to be confused with the MS-Mini replica) can generate fat round basses, sinuous-worm leads, noise effects and a very large array of analog sound FX.

Semi-modular analog pleasure

MS-20 is a massive multi-sample collection delivering 50 ultra-fat filtered basses, 41 warm synths & dissonant leads and 10 tuned percussive synths. All the sounds originate from an extensive use of all the MS-20 features, including the stunning envelopes and the iconic self-oscillating filter. The synth instruments included in MS-20 sound wild and dirty. Most of them have been routed through the ESP (external signal processor) in order to obtain gorgeous distorted and extra-filtered tones.

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