Oscar SFX

Oscar SFX



OSCar SFX is a Member-Only free synth Pack based on the O.S.C. Oscar, the ultra-rare and iconic British synthesizer from the mid eighties. A stunning collection of never-heard-before experimental analog sound effects.

OSCar SFX is an experimental synth Pack based on the vintage OSCar synthesizer and featuring 160 razor-sharp synth shots, pseudo-digital and screaming effects, wobbling low frequencies, floating sweeps and other exotic sounds. The O.S.C. Oscar just sounds like no other synthesizers. Thanks to its unique analog filter with overdrive and separation controls, this masterpiece of audio engineering can generate very sophisticated, obscure and unique sound effects. Remarkeble OSCar users are Hardfloor, Orbital, Deadmou5, Jean-Michel Jarre, Ultravox, Keith Emerson, Sneaker Pimps, and Underworld.

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