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Far beyond the well-groomed software simulations, Oscar Live Pack delivers the raw and aggressive sound of the O.S.C. Oscar, the ultra-rare and iconic British synthesizer from the mid eighties.

The OSCar is a vintage hybrid digital/analogue synth from British manufacturer Oxford Synthesiser Company. Designed by Chris Hugget after the ending of EDP, this masterpiece of audio engineering features digitally controlled dual oscillators with analog filters and plenty of knobs packed into a yellow plastic case with distinctive rubber elements. Remarkeble OSCar users are Hardfloor, Orbital, Deadmou5, Jean-Michel Jarre, Ultravox, Keith Emerson, Sneaker Pimps, and Underworld.

Distorted personality

The Oscar simply sounds like no other synthesizers. Thanks to the characteristic filter with overdrive and separation controls, two wide-range DCOs and a set of 5 additive waveforms to carry out harmonic synthesis, this stunning synth can generate a sound palette wider than any other monosynth. Far beyond the well-groomed software simulations, our Oscar Pack delivers mellow organs, dark drones, brutal keys, distorted basses, sharp pseudo-digital FX and screaming leads. OSCar is certainly not a synth for sweet melodies.