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Pathos is a multi-sample collection designed for organic pads, rich strings and warm synth keys and based on the legendary Korg PS-3200, the wonderful semi-modular polyphonic synthesizer from the late '70s.

The Korg PS-3200 is one of the biggest, rarest and amazing sounding synthesizers ever made. Released in 1978, just few hundreds of units were manufactured during the following four years. Thanks to its truly polyphonic architecture, the Korg PS-3200 sounds like no other synthesizer. It’s a ‘two oscillator per key’ synthesizer and each of the 96 octave-divided VCOs, 48 (Korg-35) VCFs, 48 VCAs and 48 envelopes makes its own contribution to the character of the sound.

An orchestra of synthesizers

The PS-3200 is an amazing musical, rich and warm machine, properly described as an orchestra of synthesizers. Pathos is based on 27 multi-samples reproducing the all the nuances and the organic variations of the PS-3200 oscillators, used as the sound source for 135 meticulously crafted Live Instruments. Pathos is a synth collection specifically designed for melodies and includes ethereal pads, glorious string ensembles, rhythmic synth keys, evolving sounds and much more. Pathos includes also a great sounding simulation of the Korg PS-3200 Ensemble FX.

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