Pro One

Pro One

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Pro-One is a very versatile multisample Live Pack based on the wicked Sequential Circuits Pro-One, a stunningly powerful vintage mono-synth with unique modulation possibilities.

Released during the early ’80s, the Pro One is the first and only monophonic synth produced by Sequential Circuits. But the Pro-One is not just a mono synth with a great filter and not even one single voice of a Prophet-5. It’s a strong and versatile analog synthesizer considered one of the most powerful sounding monosynths together with the MiniMoog and the Arp Odyssey. Only about 10,000 units have been produced and it’s used by Hardfloor, Carl Creig, Mouse on Mars, Mathew Jonson, The Prodigy, Fluke.

Cream of the crop

The sound of the Pro-One is very raw and gritty but nonetheless warm and pleasing and its unique sound is the result of its circuits entirely built around CEM chips. The Pro-One implements the same oscillators of the SH-101 and Jupiter-6, the same 4-pole filter of the Elka Synthex and PPG Wave, plus the same ADSR of the Memorymoog and Prophet 5. Thanks to the quality of its components, to the extensive modulation possibilities and to the hard-sync feature, the Pro-One can easily generate a full range of the monophonic sounds, from ultra-fat basses to outstanding sync-leads, warm pads and snappy keys.

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