Project 100

Project 100

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Project 100 is a great sounding multi-sample pack based on the vintage Solton Project 100, a very rare, unknown and underrated synth from the mid '80s originally conceived for Italo Disco and New Wave productions.

The Project 100 is likely the most unknown and underrated vintage polysynth ever. Released by the Italian manufacturer Solton during the mid ’80s this rare machine sounds full, solid and warm and can easily compete against (and in some case outclass) most popular competitors like Juno 106, PolySix, Poly 61 or Roland JX series. Mainly used for Italo Disco and New Wave productions, the Solton Project 100 is equipped with state-of-the-art components and can generate a wide variety of sounds.

A polyhedric unknown genius

The Solton Project 100 is a digitally controlled polyphonic analog synthesizer capable of generating deep and solid basses, epic pads, raw organ keys and sweeping synths. Cased into a solid aluminium box, the Project 100 is equipped with 12 DCO with PW and detuning controls, one sub-oscillator, six SSM lowpass 4-poles resonant filters with fixed key tracking and two SSM envelope generators per voice. The use of SSM filters gives the sound a deep warmth and fullness and the SSM envelope generators guarantees impact and definition.