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Sigman is an extensive synth collection built around Ableton Sampler & Simpler and based on the rare Korg Sigma, a vintage preset synths with a strong personality.

In the late 70’s Korg experimented with a machine for players looking for a simpler alternative to knobby synthesizers. The result was the Sigma, a bi-timbric semi-preset synth with rocker-tabs, micro knobs and two X-Y joystic controls. The Korg Sigma is based on 19 VCOs grouped in two discrete sections (Synthe and Instrument) that can be cross-modulated and filtered with a LP/HP Filter. Each VCO is equipped with a single dedicated control including Korg35 filter circuits for shaping the sounds.

Presets & Ring Modulation

Sigman is based on 37 multi-sample recordings reproducing the VCO presets and custom cross-modulated sounds and used as sound source for 97 meticulously crafted Live Instruments. Sigman delivers highly tweakable synthesizers with dedicated macro controls simulating the ring-modulator, the joystic filter and the single VCO knobs of the original Sigma. Powerful stabs, housy chords, evolving pads, sloping synths. Sigman is a massive collection specifically designed for electro melodies and synth productions, an inspiring pack for modern productions.

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