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SST-282 is an extensive convolution library for Ableton Live based on the vintage and rare SST-282 Space Station from UK manufacturer Ursa Major. A masterpiece of retro-digital technology dated 1978.

In 1978 a small company called Ursa Major introduced a highly sophisticated signal processing unit called SST-282 Space Station, one of the very first digital reverbs. It was described as a “reverberation effect” but that is far from the complete story. Thanks to its multi-tap delay modulation it’s able to generate a wide variety of echo and comb filter effects. The SST-282 implements 16 “Audition Delay Programs” (Rooms, Combs, Delay Clusters and Space Repeats) which decide the characteristics of the reverb / delay effect.

The Space Station

SST-282 is a convolution library that accurately emulates the staggering sound of this amazing vintage gem. The pack features 224 IR samples, 224 Convolution Reverb devices, 14 Convolution Pro banks and 224 Convolution Reverb racks with dedicated controls. The IR samples have been created using the 16 “Audition Programs” combined with 14 different delay/reverb decay times to capture the mood, the details and the analog instability of this marvellous processing unit.

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