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VP-330 is a different synth & voice multi-sample Live Pack based on the glorious Roland VP-330 MKI, a vintage vocoder synth with a distinctive robotic filtering attitude.

The Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus MKI is one of the best Vocoder synths ever. Released in 1979 it features a lush, shimmering string-synth, an excellent human-voice/choir section and a superb 10-band vocoder. All the 3 sound sources can be processed with the built-in analog bucket-brigade chorus that adds warmth and depth to the sound. The vocoder analyzes the external signals (vocals, synths..) to shape its envelopes and filters to create a very unique and famous robot-like sound, not achievable with other machines.

A synth with a robotic soul

VP-330 is a multi-sample Live Pack faithfully recreating the distinctive musical character and the controls of the VP-330 MKI. The pack delivers 20 synth instruments based on the string/choir sections, 10 instruments obtained by using external synthesizers as carrier and 31 marvelous robotic-voice instruments. All the sounds have been sampled with and without the chorus and all the included Live Devices implement an exclusive macro control to manage the chorus amount. Other macro controls include : Tone, Vibrato Rate & Depth, Attack, Release and a very useful Sample Start for the vocal instruments.

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