Here is a list of answers to our frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the right answer in this section section, please contact us at info[at]


Is your Membership a subscription plan?

No, we don’t sell monthly nor annual subscription plans. Our Membership is a single payment, a lifetime pass to get a number of benefits.

My discount link does not work

Before using our discount links, please make sure to empty your cart and your browser cache. If the problem persists, please contact us at

I purchased a Membership but I forgot to add to the cart my free Packs

No problem at all. Please contact us at and let us know the list of your favorite 5 Packs to get for free.

I accidentally made a double purchase

No problem. Just get in touch with us and we will refund the duplicate purchase.

The credit card box is embedded in your cart. Is it secure?

Absolutely, 100%. The form inputs containing your credit card data are placed within an iFrame served from Stripe (a certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider) so your card info never touches our servers. We implements the best tecnologies to make our website fast and secure. Please have a quick look at our Security Page.


The email I’m registered with is no longer active

We take account security seriously and we ensure that only the owner of the registered email can recover the account. There is a very little chance but you can try to contact us using the Helpdesk section of your new account.

My account doesn’t display my purchased products

With the launch of our new website (November 2018) our catalog has been renewed and updated and the previous products you have purchased have been discontinued. This is the reason why you cannot find them in your account. Anyway, if you have not a backup copy of our licensed products and you want to recover them, we can provide you a last download link. You can send us the products list using the Helpdesk section of your account.

I want to completely delete my account. How to?

No problem. Accordingly to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we will completely erase your data from our databases. Please contact us at using the email you are registered with on our website.


I’ve purchased a product. Where is my download link?

For security reasons we don’t send any download link via email. Your downloads are available in the Downloads section of your account.

I’ve used all my 3 download attempts. What now?

No problem. The download limitation is just a safeguard against illegitimate access to an account. If you need your downloads reset simply contact us using the Helpdesk section of your account.

I’m experiencing slow downloads

Our files are stored and distributed with Amazon S3, a very reliable and fast distribution network. If you are experiencing slow downloads, please download one product at once or wait some minutes and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us using the Helpdesk section of your account.

I get an error message when I try to download

If you are experiencing an error message containing the phrases “AccessDenied” or “Request has expired”, cleaning your browser cache will solve the issue. Just follow these steps :

– Close the browser tab containing the Cluster Sound page
– Clean the browser cache
– Close and re-open the browser
– Access again to your Cluster Sound account


More info about how to clean the your web browser cache :


Can I use your sounds in my music?

Yes, our sounds are 100% royalty free and you are purchasing a license to use our products for commercial or non-commercial musical compositions, public performances, and other reasonable musical purposes without our prior permission. If you are interested in using our products to create commercial audio loops and audio stems, please read the next FAQ or refer to our EULA.

Can I use your product to create commercial loops?

Yes, but you need to purchase our Membership plan. Only under this specific circumstance you can use our products to create commercial loop collections and audio stems.


In general, the commercial loops and audio stems created with our products cannot allow to extract and/or reproduce the original single sounds (drums, one shots, single notes) included in our products. In this context, a fair use of our products is :


– to use a multi-sample patch to compose a melodic (basslines, synth solo..) loop or audio stem
– to use a drum kit to create an ensemble drum loop
– to use a some drum samples and a multi-sample instrument to create an audio stem


Under no circumstances you cannot use our products (in particular their included samples, multi-samples and presets) to create a sound pack or as a sound pack. The individual samples, drum kits, patches or audio loops included in the Products cannot be distributed, commercially or otherwise. Please, read our EULA for additional info.

I use your sounds in my studio. Can my clients use them?

Yes, you can use our products together with your clients, in your studio. Just keep in mind that our products cannot be electronically transfered to your clients and that all the sounds included in our products cannot leave your hard drive. Please, also remember that you can install and personally use our products on two devices only (e.g. one laptop, one work station).

What about your discontinued products?

Our discontinued products are always protected by law and their intellectual property remains at Cluster Sound. If you still have a discontinued product stored in your hard drive, you can continue to use it accordingly to our License Agreement.

What I can do with your free packs?

The sounds included in our free packs (demo packs / free packs) follow the same licensing criteria of our products. They can be used for commercial and non commercial music productions and, if you are a Member, for commercial loops and audio stems also. Please, refer to our EULA for more detailed info.

Can I share your sounds with my friends?

No. A right to use our products (and the included sounds) is granted only to you as a buyer and is NOT transferable. Our license expressly forbids to transfer all or any of the included sounds to any other user.

Are you affiliated with the brands you mention?

No, we are not affiliated with nor do we promote any of the brands or trademarks mentioned anywhere on this site.