During the last decade we have constantly refined our production techniques in order to guarantee state-of-the-art sound tools.


Recorded with crystal clear equipments and meticulously edited using the latest technologies, our synth packs represent the state-of-the-art of multisampling.

One sample per note, seamless loop points, single notes tuning and consistent perceived volumes for all the patches guarantee the perfect reproduction of the sampled synthesizers.


Sampled from vintage machines or entirely sculpted in the digital domain, our drum samples instantly take place in the mix.

An ever growing curated selection of electronic drum shots smartly organized by their specific trait and featuring consistent perceived volumes and the right loudness and clarity required by modern music productions.


Our design philosophy is focused on making loops that sound transparent and bold at the same time, designed to be easily sliced and mangled and built to have a long life.

Minimal use of reverbs, total mono compatibility and the right loudness and clarity make our loops the perfect choice for both music productions and live sets.

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