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TX-81Z is a curated multi-sample synth pack based on the vintage Yamaha TX-81Z, the little agressive FM synthesizer, a powerful source of gritty synth leads, raw basses and punchy percussive sounds.

Designed to be a cheap alternative to the DX7, the Yamaha TZ-81Z is an aggressive 4-operator FM machine mainly used for late 80’s and early 90’s dance recordings. The TX-81Z sounds quite different from the DX7: it’s rich in overtones and grittiness and thanks to the greater resolution of the EGs this rackmount synth can generate very punchy and solid sounds. Largely known for the famous Lately Bass preset, the TX-81Z has been used by Fluke, Roni Size, Squarepusher, Future Sound of London, and Josh Wink.

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