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Microwave is a wavetable library for Xfer Serum faithfully reproducing the marvelous evolving sound of the Waldorf Microwave, the iconic German synth from the early ’90s.

The Microwave is a cult synthesizer released during the first ’90s by the German manufacturer Waldorf. Based on the wavetable technology developed by Wolfgang Palm and implemented in the legendary PPG Wave series, Microwave implements 8-bit resolution oscillators to scan through the selected wavetable and modify the harmonic content of the output wave. The result is a morphing and evolving sound perfect for organic ambient pads.

Evolving, ethereal, expanded

Microwave is a collection of 64 wavetables extracted from the DSP-based Creamware Waldorf Oscillator and ready to be placed in Serum. Each of the 64 wavetables contains 61 single-cycle waveforms : over 3900 waves have been sampled, meticulously edited and re-arranged in Serum to reproduce the sound of this magic synth. Microwave comes with 48 additional wavetables including the LP filter of the OSCar synth, high resolution DSP waveforms, stylish additive synths, gritty FM sounds, an extensive collection of analog synths and 384 single cycle waveforms. More info here.