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OB-12 is an extensive multi-sample Pack based on the Oberheim/Viscount OB-12, a powerful virtual analog synth from the early 2000s, a proudly digital machine with a frantic, split personality.

The Oberheim OB-12 is an outstanding digital synthesizer designed and licensed by the Italian organ manufacturer Viscount, in production between 2000 and 2003. Even though it is generally considered as a Virtual Analog synth, the OB-12 is effectively a unique digital instrument providing sounds you cannot get elsewhere. The OB-12 is a synth with a frantic, split personality: it can easily go from warm and fat analog emulations to cold and aliased digital timbres, just by tweaking few parameters.

A split personality

The OB-12 is a subtractive synth equipped with load of extra functionalities. It features two oscillators with independent mixable waveforms and two multimode resonant filters with an unique “Delta” parameter (very similar to the OSCar “separation” knob) that can generate vocal-like timbres. Thanks to its sound morphing, oscillator wrapping and spreading, FM, hard sync and ring modulation capabilities, the OB-12 can generate an extremely wide sound palette including sci-fi noises, electro synth keys, huge pads, quasi-analog strings, warm brasses and much more.

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