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SH-101 is an extensive multi-sample bass & lead collection for Ableton Live based on the vintage Roland SH-101, the stunning monophonic synth released during the early ’80s.

Produced by Roland in 1982, the SH-101 was the last monosynth the company produced in the analogue era. Thanks to its distinctive Pulse Width Modulation, the SUB oscillator, the solid VCO and the self-oscillating filter coming from the same family as TB-303 and MC-202, this compact machine is most notable for its legendary use in techno and acid house music. Remarkable SH-101 users include Chemical Brothers, Matador, FSOL, Aphex Twin, 808 State, The Prodigy, Boards of Canada, Minilogue and many more.

The Lord of Acid

SH-101 is a raving synth collection capturing the essence of this legendary machine. Far beyond the sound of soft and classic analog synths, the included 73 multi-sample recordings deliver humping basses, squealchy leads, dirty pseudo-organs and razor-sharp sound effects. The SH-101 sounds wild, fat and acid but with a distinctive lush roundness that truly brings a huge amount of warmth to a track. A genuine acid/techno-oriented synth collection specifically crafted for Ableton Live.

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